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The Housing Authority of the City of Conyers Georgia Public Housing Units


The Housing Authority of the City of Conyers Georgia owns and manages 107 public housing apartments situated in a "scattered site" setting. All apartments are ground-level, and consist of studio, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 bedroom units. All applicants must pass criminal background checks, as well as credit history checks. Residents must comply with our "Anti-Crime and Drug Elimination Policy" in order to remain tenants. Rent is based on 30% of the total gross family income, less specified deductions (i.e. child care, medical payments for the elderly). Rents are capped as follows: Studio $600, one bedroom $655, two bedroom $780, three bedroom $1030, four bedroom $1250, and five bedroom $1545.

When a unit becomes available for you, you will be notified by phone & email via our CHA Wait List Order. You will be offered the opportunity to visit the unit and decide if you want to lease it. If you decide that you would like to proceed with the application process, our CHA team will specify what is needed to finalize your application package. In order to apply for housing with us, you must complete the CHA application for housing and complete the preliminary paperwork. This paperwork consists of income verification forms, criminal history forms (to be completed by a law enforcement office which runs histories through NCIC), and release of information forms. These forms can be obtained from our office. Once these forms are completed, you will need to bring all preliminary paperwork to our main office located at 1214 Summer Circle. Our staff will determine the bedroom size you qualify for, as well as the approximate monthly rent. Your criminal history print-out, as well as your credit report, which we will run, will be reviewed by the Leasing Manager and your eligibility will be determined. If you are found to be ineligible, you will be notified in writing, and you will have a chance to appeal if any information we have obtained is incorrect. ANY criminal convictions in the past five years will be cause to deny housing, as well as violent crimes or drug offenses. There is no time-frame on drug related or felony convictions.

Once you are approved, an approval email and call will be provided by CHA, and you will be given a lease-up date where you will need to set aside about one hour to go over the lease and tenant regulations. You will also be required to pay pro-rata rent for the month, and a security deposit. Deposits are as follows: One, two or three bedroom $500, and four or five bedroom $600. We also have a pet deposit of $150 if you have a pet. Each year, the resident must recertify and residents must comply with our the "Anti-Crime and Drug Elimination Policy," in order to remain tenants.

The Conyers Housing Authority waiting list is closed. We are not accepting applications for housing at this time. 


Title 18, Section 1001 of the United States Code states that a person is guilty of a felony for knowingly and willingly making false or fraudulent statements to any department or agency of the United States or the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The Official Code of Georgia, Section 16-9-55, as amended, states that a person is guilty of a misdemeanor for fraudulently obtaining or attempting to obtain public housing or reduction in public housing rent.

Spivey Family Affordable Housing Units 

The Housing Authority of the City of Conyers Georgia entered into agreement to rehab 184 units utilizing the HUD Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program, which launched in 2012. RAD allows Public Housing Properties to convert to long-term Section 8 rental assistance contracts. During the rehab process, our developing partner, Vantage Management will utilize its experience in the development and construction of our affordable housing RAD conversion. This includes the requirements of the Georgia Department of Community Affairs ("DCA"), the provisions of Section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code pertaining to federal Low Income Tax Credits ("LIHTCs"), provisions of the Official Code of Georgia that relate to the state LIHTCs, and through various affiliates. 


These units were converted from the public housing portfolio and are now project based vouchers. The rehabilitation of these older units ensures the long term availability of quality affordable housing to low income households. During the rehab stage, Spivey Family, LP will be temporarily managing these units. The Spivey Family, LP office is located at 1249 Irwin Bridge Rd NW, Conyers, GA 30012. For further assistance, please contact Rhonda Grayson at

Green & Healthy Housing Rehabilitation

The Housing Authority of the City of Conyers Georgia is proud to partner with Georgia State University and the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) to implement the Homes for Healthy Futures Program. 

The Georgia Health Policy Center (GHPC), in partnership with the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA), Southface, and the PHA development teams, seek to improve the ability of PHAs to address residents’ social determinants of health through better-quality buildings, housing sites, and access to services. This linkage between health and housing is a key component of ongoing work. The focus of this effort is around the concepts of capacity building, knowledge exchange, and outcome tracking. By quantifying the positive financial, health, and energy efficiency values of healthy homes and communities, this effort will result in a proof of concept that can be presented to various stakeholders support investment in healthy, green, affordable housing.

Participating PHA teams already bring experience in service partnerships, quality development, and green building. The partnership between DCA, GHPC, and Southface will add key expertise in both the public health and building science fields that can build on that experience and develop a platform from which the different teams can learn from each other and share their stories of success. Additionally, each PHA team has agreed to fund a Resident Services Coordinator (RSC) position on site to implement connections between residents and health services, support outcome tracking, and continue fostering new relationships with health-focused organizations. These efforts will be implemented across twelve properties in six Georgia cities.

GHPC will submit design recommendations that may be included during rehabilitation, along with supporting guidance for property management, amenities, and services. Recommendations are based upon several considerations, including consultation with the PHA and development team; initial feedback from a small group of residents; observations of the property (internal and external); imagery of the property; review of proposed rehabilitation plans; and analysis of relevant peer-reviewed scientific research on important elements of the home and community environment that can help maximize resident safety, health, and well-being.

Eastmont Townhomes

The Housing Authority of City Conyers Georgia owns 116 Townhomes, known as Eastmont Townhomes. Our family community offers spacious two & three bedroom townhomes. Our Townhomes feature full size washer/dryer connections, cable, alarm, WiFi access ready, and private balconies. 

  • Owner contributes 3,500 gallons or water (tenant(s) will be charged for any water consumption that is over this allocated usage).

  • Tenant(s) responsible for electric, first months rent and security deposit.  

  • Application ($50) fee is a non-refundable fee (any tenants 18+ must apply). 

  • All approved applicants have an equal opportunity during the application process, and we do not hold or secure any units until the security deposit is received.

  • Rental Requirements will be posted with the formal advertisement via Zillow. 

Once a unit becomes available, the Housing Authority of the City of Conyers will advertise the available unit(s) publicly via Zillow. Note that there is no wait list for Eastmont Townhomes. 

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